Frequently Asked Questions

Selling on Greenstak

 Q: Can I sell all types of IT Equipment on GreenStak?

A: We are focused on Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Monitors and Phones – for now.

Q:  Who are the buyers of my IT Assets, and can I choose?

A:  All GreenStak ITAD buyers are ISO certified in IT Asset Disposition, Data Destruction and Sanitization. Review and Approve the ITAD buyer list, you decide who gets to bid !

Q: I don’t have all the details of the equipment, can GreenStak help?

A: All we need is a serial number, and the condition if you know it – send us an email, on excel or directly from your Enterprise systems, we will do the rest.


Q: I want to identify Carbon intensive IT equipment in my company, can you help?

A: Yes – we can link to your ITAM tools and help you with an IT Corporate Carbon Footprint, the first step on your IT Sustainability Journey.


Q: I have end of life IT equipment, how do I rate the condition of the assets?

A = Excellent – Like new, with little to no signs of previous use.

B = Good – Obvious signs of use, visible minor scratches on the case, no scratches on the screen.

C = Fair – Will show more scratches and visible signs of wear and tear due to intense or long term use.

D = Not Working – Unit will not start / Screen is cracked.


Q: I believe all the equipment is in Grade A condition, but what happens if I am wrong?

A: The ITAD buyer will validate the equipment with you upon receipt – payout is 25% less for Grade B conditon, 50% for Grade C, 75% less for Grade D.


Q: How do I get paid?

A: Standard Payment terms are 30 Days Net, directly between the buyer and seller, with shipping costs agreed separately per transaction.


Q: What are GreenStak’s Fees?

A: To help GreenStak run smoothly, we charge a service fee of 10% when a sale is confirmed on the platform, deducted from the buyer payout.

Buying on Greenstak

Q: I am happy with the advertised price, but are there any other fees I need to know about?

A: Shipping Costs – Each transaction is different and agreed directly between both parties. That’s it!


Q: What if I am not happy with my purchase?

A: Call us, we can help. Still unhappy? 30 day returns policy, no questions asked.


Q: Are the recertified IT Products under warranty?

A: 12 months standard, just like new, with the possibility to extend to 36 months.


Q: What are GreenStak’s Fees?

A: We charge a service fee of 10% when a sale is confirmed on the platform, deducted from the buyer payout.