How It Works: The Circular IT Marketplace

GreenStak extends the IT Carbon lifecycle of Hardware Assets from decommissioning to reconditioning and reuse – 100% Circular IT.

The Carbon Governance Marketplace built for Enterprise IT, GreenStak helps businesses reach their carbon reduction goals, while maximising the value of end of life and recertified IT equipment.

The Circular IT Marketplace

Integrate with your existing Enterprise IT Systems

GreenStak’s IT Carbon Reporting Tool works with your existing IT asset management systems. Extend the value of plaforms like your ServiceNow deployment to provide IT Carbon Governance across your Enterprise.

Identify Your Carbon Savings

GreenStak identifies carbon intensive IT assets, helping you evaluate the carbon impact of decommissioning those assets and moving those workloads to the Cloud.

Maximise the Value of your IT Assets

The GreenStak Marketplace showcases your IT Assets to ensure you maximise the carbon and financial impact of your end of life IT decommissioning. We ensure you get the best market rate for those assets from pre-qualified ITAD buyers – all assets securely and sustainably decommissioned.

Buy Lower Carbon IT Assets

Evaluate reconditioned, ‘low carbon verified’ Enterprise IT assets from the GreenStak Marketplace for your next IT refresh, sourced from trusted ITAD sellers, certified, warranted and ready for a second life. GreenStak’s marketplace allows you to purchase refurbished Enterprise IT Assets at the volumes and pricing you need for your business.

Easy Carbon Reduction Reporting

Report progress on your IT Sustainability targets, with dynamic reporting that captures the reductions on your IT Carbon footprint, independently verified. We work with Carbon Governance platforms like Watershed, Plan A, Sweep, Emitwise among others to ensure integration and alignment with ESG Sustainability reporting.

“90% of respondents say that sustainability is a priority and/or a performance metric for their IT departments.”

-Google IT Leaders Research Report

The Only Marketplace Built for Enterprise IT

GreenStak’s carbon governance platform helps companies measure and take specific actions to reduce their IT carbon footprint. It’s more than a place to buy and sell your Digital IT. With easy-to-read reporting straight from your dashboard, GreenStak provides you with the data your customers and stakeholders care about.

The GreenStak marketplace prioritizes sustainability for end of life and reconditioned hardware assets, providing a dedicated platform to enable a Circular IT economy.

“GreenStak provides Carbon Accounting I can trust, and optimizes IT Capital Budgets”
Paul Mansfield
“GreenStak’s Marketplace automates a manual process and provides sustainable IT at scale”
Paul Cogan
“GreenStak provides an ESG solution the whole company can support”

Samantha Cartwright

Your IT Sustainability
Journey starts here

GreenStak helps you address your Digital carbon footprint, starting with your IT assets, by offering the only marketplace built for enterprise. It’s good for your business, your bank balance, and your planet.