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Freight: As freight consistently has the largest impact on our championship footprint, we work directly with our official logistics provider to find reduction opportunities including biofuels for road and sea freight.

Business Travel: Staff travel also represents a significant share of our championship footprint. To tackle this, we have introduced several reduction measures. These include ensuring only race-critical staff attend the races — and grouping staff together on flights as much as possible to reduce the number of airport shuttles needed) — prioritising travel by train over air where applicable, arranging shuttles only when the site isn’t within walking distance and prioritising electric/hybrid vehicles with ground transportation companies.

Spectator Travel: We do not offer nor advertise parking for spectators and encourage the use of public/shared transportation through pre-event communications and with travel measured through on-site surveys.

Food and Drink: All catering on-site (covering teams, staff, suppliers, spectators, and hospitality guests) includes a minimum of 30% vegetarian or vegan offerings and is locally or seasonally sourced where possible.

Cars: We work with teams and suppliers to ensure the life cycle of cars and batteries is included in the championship footprint and promote the reuse and recycling of parts to reduce impact.

Waste Management: We provide and encourage recycling at all of our events and ensure it is in line with local infrastructure, language and colour of waste streams.

Energy Management: Formula E’s goal is to use 100% renewable energy for all events, with all car charging across the championship delivered primarily from renewable grid power and when not available, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO) made from used cooking oil.

Supply chain Management: Formula E clearly highlights our sustainability DNA to our entire ecosystem- sustainability is embedded throughout the entire procurement process.

Water and Plastics: More than 290,000 litres of water have been distributed via Hydration Stations in the Allianz Fan Village since their introduction in Season 5, saving the equivalent of more than 585,000 330 ml single-use plastic bottles from being transported to events and disposed of after use.