The Sustainable IT Marketplace

Go 100% Circular with the Zero Carbon Platform for Enterprise IT.

The Circular IT Marketplace

Expect more from your IT hardware – demand 100% Circular.

The GreenStak Marketplace showcases your End of Life hardware assets to certified ITAD buyers, who bid to purchase, recondition and relist those assets, ready for a second life.

Secure end of life decommissioning, and refurbished, recertified IT assets, at the best market price, only on the GreenStak Marketplace.

Your IT Sustainability Journey Starts Here

GreenStak makes Circular IT a reality, leading the charge to help CIO’s achieve aggressive sustainability targets.

Our platform measures your IT asset carbon footprint, helping you identify IT carbon hotspots and carbon reduction opportunities. GreenStak extends the IT Carbon lifecycle of Hardware Assets – 100% Sustainable IT.

“GreenStak provides Carbon Accounting I can trust, and optimizes IT Capital Budgets”

Paul Mansfield
“GreenStak’s Marketplace automates a manual process and provides sustainable IT at scale”
Paul Cogan
“GreenStak provides an ESG solution the whole company can support”

Samantha Cartwright

We are proud to align with the following ICT and climate regulatory bodies and platforms